Raindance Presents

Raindance Presents


Thank You all for the love and support !

Raindance is a cooperative organization born in the hayday af the Bay area underground. Our first event was Jan 27th 1995 @ the Brookdale Lodge. There was so much love and support right out of the gate, we have rarely looked back.

The First annual Freaker's Ball was Tuesday October 31st, 1995, held at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. The enthusiasm for this fledgling event was overwhelmingly potent. It was evident right away that this party was something special. Raindance had arrived on the Bay Area scene. Bridging the road between San Francisco and the musically fertile, town of Santa Cruz.

Some of the first Djs to play with us were, Tom L-G, Jay Hartley, Mei-Lwun,Wool, Keone, Eric Spire, Samo, Rob Monroy, Jeno, Garth, Markie, Astral Matrix, Mark Farina, Dubtribe, Chris 23& Carlos.

As music evolves so do we. The journey is still fresh.

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